15 tips for increasing your brand on Google+

Written by Matt Peterson on .

I'm a big fan of Inc. Magazine. They have a great article about Google+. Here is a brief summary.

  1. Use your real name when you register
  2. Create Google+ Circles in a logical fashion
  3. Engage with other business professionals in an authentic way
  4. Post occasional tips and comments
  5. Send private messages to people who look interesting

  6. Check your notifications on the upper right side of the screen
  7. Don’t stop using Facebook
  8. Go ahead and think big
  9. Don’t be afraid of negative attention
  10. Make sure you have entered detailed information about yourself and services offered
  11. Use the Sparks feature to track trending topics
  12. Make use of the +1 button
  13. Try holding your own Hangout
  14. Set aside Google+ time each day
  15. Stay focused on the task at hand

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