Make your website visible!

Written by Matt Peterson on .

Other website operators can only link to your website if they recognize your website and its content. Therefore, draw attention to your website on the Internet!

Use for example the following options for this:

Forums and blogs

Publish interesting information in content-relevant forums or blogs. Draw attention to your website with this information.

Social media

Promote (new) content on your website on Facebook, Twitter etc.

If you, for example are immediately offering a delivery service, then inform your customers and potential customers about it via posts on your social network profiles.


Make your own YouTube channel.

As a restaurant owner, you could start, for example a YouTube channel about "Cooking". Connect to all the videos there that are particulairly worth recommending. In addition, you can make your own videos with tips and tricks around the topic of "Recipes" and then open your channel. Do not forget to link your website!

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