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Google Places is the local listing results of Google. Google Places appears high up in the search results of Google when users look for local information. Here, a small map shows the locations of those companies which are both relevant to the keywords entered and registered on Google Places. Links to the websites of these companies can be found right beside the map.

Placing an entry in Google Places is free. Alongside the location and address (URL) of the website, your company can also indicate opening hours or add company and product photos.

A Google Places entry is very important particularly to those companies who are primarily looking for local customers or whose customers primarily search locally (for example, financial planners, RIAs).

Create Google Places entry

1. Prerequisite: Google account

In order to create an entry on Google Places, you will require a Google account.

You do not have a Google account? No problem! You can create a new Google account here for free: Link to Google account creation

2. Create Google Places entry

  1. Log into Google Places with the login data of your Google account: Link to Google Places
  2. Enter the phone number of your company.
  3. To check if a Google Places entry is already listed for this phone number, click on Find business information.
  4. Set up your Google Places entry. When doing so, make sure to keep our tips in mind.

3. Confirm Google Places entry

Once you have finished setting up your Google Places, you will have to confirm your entry, for example, by post card or phone. Here, Google checks if you really are the proprietor of the company mentioned in the entry.

The confirmation process can take a few weeks. After successful confirmation, your entry on Google Places will be activated.

Tips on Google Places entry

The following tips will help you get your listing to appear as high up on Google Places as possible:

Enter as much information about your company as possible!

Provide comprehensive information about your company and upgrade your Google Places listing, for example, by using photos or videos. Informative, appealing entries are clicked on more and thus receive better ratings from Google.

Use the same data as in other local listings and regularly update your Google Places entry.

It is important to Google that your information be up to date, as this is decisive to the quality of the search results. For this reason, Google uses other listings, for example, YellowPages.com, to compare address and contact details. If the data is different, Google presumes that the Google Places entry is old and Google rates older entries worse.

Enter the company name with which you always present yourself to the public!

Try not to explicitly add your keywords or categories to the description of your company. Google does not permit this in the Google Places guidelines and penalizes corresponding attempts to manipulate this.

Try to get as many positive ratings as possible.

Has your company been rated on the Internet by other users? If Google finds ratings for your company on ratings websites, these will appear directly beside the Google Places search results. The more ratings Google finds about you and the more positive they are, the better this is for your positioning on Google Places.

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